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A&N Universe Market Research (UMR)

  • UMR is a company committed to provide all round services to Agriculture, to the people associated with Agriculture and agriculture risk in India.
  • As our tag line is A PERFECT AGRO SOLUTION,” we enable our farmers and other agricultural stakeholders to optimise different ways of agriculture and minimise agricultural risk through our agriculture intelligence services.
  • We are with the farm and with the farmers through out the crop life cycle viz. planning for a particular crop cultivation to monitorising the herculean effort of the farmers at their land.
  • UMR creates thousands of self employment / entrepreneurship opportunity in agriculture sector through its customised and scientific training programs to the youth. It stops people migrating from own villages to cities to earn livelihood.


“Indian Government is committed to transform the agriculture sector. We want to increase farmer income and the purchasing power of village.”
– Narendra Modi, Prime Minister
“Healthcare, Education and Agriculture are three priority areas in terms of technology, where the government can provide long term benefits to people of India
– Ravi Shankar Prasad, Cabinet Minister
Agriculture start-ups is an emerging area, which can unleash umpteen opportunities for start-ups and strengthen the supply chain in India agriculture.”
– Will Poole, Managing Partner, Unitus Seed Fund


Agriculture in India: Fact & Figure

 Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economy.
 Over 58 per cent of the rural households depend on agriculture as their principal means of livelihood.
 Agriculture, along with fisheries and forestry, is one of the largest contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
 India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices and spice products.
 India’s fruit production has grown faster than vegetables, making it the second largest fruit producer in the world. India’s horticulture output, is estimated to be 287.3 million tonnes (MT) in 2016-17 after the first advance estimate.
 Since 2010, production as well as yield of both major crops – rice and wheat has increased significantly.
 In FY16, production of rice stood at 103.61 million tonnes, whereas, production of wheat stood at 93.82 million tonnes.
Source: Ministry of Agriculture